Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I've been putting off a lot of health concerns for a while now. Partly because I don't want to know and I'm scared how bad it might actually be, but mostly due to financial strains and I'd rather make sure my kids are taken care of first.

I went to the doctor for the first time in years only just a week ago and I already have an appointment with a cardiologist to check my heart. I've been having tightness in my chest and trouble breathing. The doctor said it's probably just anxiety, but he wants to have my heart checked just in case. I love how quick these doctors have been. If I had to wait much longer, I'd probably skip the appointment. >.<

I know that sounds horrible. Especially when it could be something serious. But hopefully it's just anxiety that's causing the tightness in my chest. I have a pile of other things that I need to have checked....Iron, blood sugar, my nerves and joints,....The list has been building over the years and I realize now it's best to have things checked right away. Putting it off doesn't make it go away.

So please pray for me tomorrow as I am at the doctor having my heart checked. Thank you.

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